CompTIA Server+ SK0-005 Notes, Study Guide, & Useful Resources

I recently took my CompTIA SK0-005 exam. Unlike other CompTIA certifications, the Server+ is not as widely known, and therefore has a lot fewer study resources available. To help others who would like to achieve their Server+ certifications, I have decided to publish my personal study guide/notes, as well as a list of useful resources that I have compiled.

Exam Preparation

  • Exam Overview (CompTIA official website)
  • Exam Objectives (CompTIA official document)
    I recommend reading going over the entire document and identifying which items on the list you are familiar with and which ones you would like to study. You should also study the acronyms from pages 15 and 16 of the document.
  • Acronym Quizlet
    This is a Quizlet I created with all of the acronyms from the exam objectives document. You can use Quizlet to get practice exams and virtual flashcards using the material.
  • Exam Cram Notes (
    These notes appear to have been created for the older SK0-004 exam, but you can still use them to brush up on topics if you need to.
  • Exam Cram Notes (TutorialsWeb)
    These notes were created for the SK0-004 as well, but they still can be quite useful if used correctly

Free Practice Questions & Exams

  • Practice Questions (CompTIA Official)
  • Exam Prep (
    I also signed up for the Free Daily Question from this website, which emails you a Server+ question of the day every day in preparation for your exam.
  • SK0-005 Sample Questions (EduSum)
  • SK0-004 Sample Questions (EduSum)
  • SK0-005 Exam Questions (ExamTopics)
    This consists of 171 questions that can be viewed for free without an account. Signing up reduces the frequency of the CAPTCHA. I found that on many of these questions, the answer they had chosen as correct was not, in fact, correct. I would recommend using other sites instead of this one.

Paid Practice Questions & Exams

  • Total Seminars Practice Tests (Udemy)
    These are free if you have a Udemy Business subscription through your school or employer
  • SK0-004 Practice Exams (ITExams)
    This test consists of 804 questions. The first few pages of questions can be previewed for free with an account, but the rest are locked behind a paywall. I paid the $20 for these and found them somewhat helpful.
  • SK0-005 Practice Exams (ITExams)
    This test consists of 176 questions. The first few pages of questions can be previewed for free with an account, but the rest are locked behind a paywall. I did not buy these, only the SK0-004 questions.
  • SK0-005 Exam Practice (Udemy)
    This set of 370 questions costs $30. I did not buy them, so I cannot say if they are worth it or not.


My Personal Notes & Study Guide

In addition to the list of useful links above, I will also be publishing my personal notes and study guide for the SK0-005 exam. This is a document containing the acronyms, concepts, and technologies that I wanted to study, NOT a comprehensive study guide for the exam. There are some topics in this document that are not on the exam, and there are some topics on the exam that are missing from the document. If you keep that in mind when using it, the document can be helpful when studying for the exam.

The document is published under the Apache License, version 2.0.